Our Mission - Delivering Success

Enterprise Resource and Planning (ERP) packaged system projects are complex and challenging endeavors. Medium and large sized companies generally find it difficult to successfully execute the planning, development, and deployment required in such projects. Gaps in skills and experience within the project team is a primary cause of this difficulty. The Denali Group is your solution for success.

The Denali Group offers clients goal oriented specialists who not only possess hands-on software and systems expertise, but also understand the full life cycle of implementation, upgrade, and on-going development projects. Denali Group associates possess a proven track record of bringing large projects to a successful completion.

The Denali Group believes in empowered teams that foster a synergy between client team members and implementation partners. The Denali Group provides these teams with problem solving specialists who take responsibility for fulfilling project objectives. Denali associates anticipate problems and help build a project infrastructure which minimizes long term risks, facilitates information sharing and maintains the organizational flexibility needed to reach project targets.

Our clients look to Denali for vision, project management, complex integration and a complete solution that produces a marketplace reality. Our innovative ideas, technical expertise and solid project management experience helps clients successfully build and deploy systems that revolutionize the way they do business as they compete for global leadership.

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About The Denali Group


The Denali Group was founded to fill what we consider to be a gap in the consulting marketplace. The driving principle on which The Denali Group was founded, is to consistently provide the highest quality consultants, whose only motivation is the customer's success.