Engagement Histories

  • Sears, Roebuck & Co.

    Denali Group professionals headed the Modifications and Development team, the Configuration and Testing team and the workflow development effort at Sears. In addition, they played pivotal roles in the development, configuration and tuning of the system architecture.

    A Denali Group professional headed the Modifications and Development team responsible for designing and developing custom modifications to the PeopleSoft Financial applications. Denali Group professionals developed methodologies and procedures for the design, development, and controlled migration of customized PeopleSoft objects. The Modifications and Development team worked with end users and business systems analysts to functionally and technically design all of the required customizations. Once development was complete, a thorough unit test and user sign-off was completed successfully before any developed product was migrated to the implementation databases.


    A Denali Group professional created custom workflow functionality for PeopleSoft's Project Costing application. Over 70 multi-step approval rules, including Worklists and email notifications, were designed, developed, and deployed. The final delivered solution offered the ability to approve, recycle, or deny capital and expense projects. In addition to the original project approvals, the workflow solution was built to handled approvals for the additional funding of a project. The E-mail notification of status change, project cancellation, and completion date changes completed the workflow solution.

    A Denali professional led the Configuration and Testing team for the General Ledger application. This included gathering business requirements, developing process flows, configuring the application and testing its functionality. Denali put into place methodologies for capturing business processes, documenting configuration and thoroughly and efficiently testing the system. In addition, the GL team worked with other implementation teams to ensure that the system was configured to support a comprehensive business solution.


    Denali was heavily involved in the stabilization of the PeopleSoft technical architecture. This involved bringing Sears into line with standard PeopleSoft system configuration practices. Denali professionals played key roles in upgrading Sears' system from PeopleSoft release 7.0x to PeopleSoft release 7.5x. They also helped troubleshoot technical issues and tune the database, the application server and network connectivity. Denali professionals helped standardize the configuration of the implementation's many databases, application servers, file servers and client workstations that became benchmarks for PeopleSoft's client base.