Engagement Histories

Denali Group professionals provide project management and software implementation consulting services. They have delivered this value to dozens of clients located throughout the country. Below are several case briefings of specific services Denali Group professionals have provided and leadership roles they have played. The Denali Group can add your company to this list of successes.

  • IndyMac

    A Denali specialist developed a workflow solution which handled journal entry approval, journal entry processing, and additional PeopleCode customizations to control user processing. The journal approvals utilized worklists, e-mail routings, pooled worklists, and timeout processing. In addition to the approval controls, the client required that users be prohibited from submitting duplicate entries, submitting non-valid journals and having online access to journals while in the approval process. These requirements were incorporated into the developed workflow solution.

  • Sprint

    A Denali professional customized and installed a PeopleSoft Packaged Solution for PeopleSoft's Project Costing application. Sprint purchased a Packaged Solution from PeopleSoft, which was designed to allow users to make Project entries while the system simultaneously created corresponding Journal Entries into General Ledger. This saved time and steps for Sprint who used PeopleSoft Projects as a global subledger for the PeopleSoft General Ledger. The Packaged Solution was delivered completely developed, but Sprint required elements which were not included in the original design. Denali Group professionals worked with Sprint's business system analysts to successfully translated their functional requirements into technical specifications. The modifications and development work was completed and deployed.

    A Denali professional designed and implemented workflow for PeopleSoft's Asset Management and Purchasing modules. Database agents, time out processing, route controls, and e-mail notifications were all included in the workflow features developed for Sprint. The additional workflow functionality was deployed to handle asset transfers, requisition approval, and purchase order Approval.

  • The New York Times

    A Denali Group professional played a primary role in the de-bugging, stabilization and deployment of heavily customized PeopleSoft Accounts Payable, Asset Management, General Ledger and Purchasing applications. He served as a member of the PeopleSoft deployment team, which was responsible for working with technical developers to resolve major system incidents and to successfully deploy the applications. He identified and fixed application problems, particularly in the Accounts Payable, Asset Management, General Ledger, Purchasing and Workflow areas, and tested these application changes. As part of this effort, several other functions were successfully executed by this Denali professional. He scheduled, tested and stabilized the month-end accounting close process, designed custom management reports, documented the system's configuration and measured process performance. This Denali professional helped transfer knowledge to the client's functional and technical resources and was the course instructor for Accounts Payable, Asset Management, Crystal/Query, General Ledger, PeopleTools, Project Costing and Purchasing training.