Corporate Capabilities

The Denali Group offers a full range of skills and services which can cover every element of your ERP or SCM project. Our professionals have been successful applying all these services both in concert as full implementation partners, and individually as technical or functional experts filling a skill gap on a project team.


Project Planning

The Denali Group works with its customers to plan their information systems projects. Whether the project is an implementation, upgrade, development, or analysis effort, Denali will add value to the process. The Denali Group's involvement can range from fully developing & administering a project plan, to simply advising and offering reasonability checks to a plan otherwise developed. Consider the following points.

Denali Group associates have experience working with a variety of ERP implementation project plans including Deloitte Consulting's "Fast Track", PeopleSoft's "Compass Methodology", and PeopleSoft's "Advantage Tool Kit", as well as numerous other customized implementation methodologies.

Denali Group associates have experience developing custom project plans by working with customer's individual needs. The Denali Group can bring a project plan skeleton to an engagement and work with you to develop a plan which satisfies your unique requirements.

The Denali Group believes that project plans are an absolute necessity for any information system project. A properly developed and administered project plan can provide direction and established priorities, dependencies, time frames, and intermediate goals. However, The Denali Group also recognizes that a project can be over planned. Often project plans are maintained at too detailed a level and maintaining the plan becomes a higher priority than achieving the goals prescribed within. The Denali Group will find the balance that will make your project successful.


Business Process Analysis

Denali Group associates recognize that an ERP software implementation presents a tremendous opportunity for business re-engineering. The change associated with moving from a legacy system to a new ERP package, or even upgrading to a newer product release can be the catalyst for improving business processes. This can take the form of a complete process re-design or mapping business processes to take advantage of the best practices imbedded in the software. The Denali Group can work with you to perform a business process evaluation. The goal of this analysis is to develop efficient business processes which fulfill the objectives of the organization and utilize the power of the software.

The Denali Group can work with your firm in executing a Business Process Analysis that includes:

  • "As-Is" documentation and analysis
  • Functional requirements gathering
  • "To-Be" process flow development and Workflow Analysis
  • Fit/Gap Analysis of Applications


Application Configuration

The Denali Group will work with customers to develop an appropriate application configuration and to define the "Control Data" required to run the system. Denali Group associates have an excellent track record of working with users to configure PeopleSoft so that the software meets the business' needs.

Currently, The Denali Group's configuration expertise resides within the following PeopleSoft Applications:

  • PeopleSoft Accounts Receivable
  • PeopleSoft Asset Management
  • PeopleSoft General Ledger
  • PeopleSoft Recruiting
  • PeopleSoft Inventory
  • PeopleSoft Human Resources
  • PeopleSoft Order Management
  • PeopleSoft Payroll
  • PeopleSoft Time & Labor
  • PeopleSoft Projects
  • PeopleSoft Payables
  • PeopleSoft Purchasing
  • PeopleSoft Treasury
  • PeopleSoft Expense
  • PeopleSoft Competency Management


Modification and Development

The Denali Group will work from your business requirements and system fit/gap analysis to develop your customizations. Denali Group associates are equipped to design functional and technical specifications, develop customizations, and test and deploy the PeopleSoft customizations your firm requires. Denali Group associates are proficient with the following development tools utilized by PeopleSoft:

  • Application Designer
  • Application Messaging
  • Business Interlinks
  • Business Process Design
  • PeopleCode
  • Security Administrator
  • Application Engine
  • Internet Architecture
  • Crystal
  • nVision
The Denali Group has refined a methodology for custom PeopleSoft development. We ensure effective documentation, coding standards, interactive user input, customer acceptance, and migration deployment.


Workflow Development

The Denali Group will work with your functional users and the results of any Business Process Analysis to develop Workflow capabilities for your PeopleSoft Applications. Workflow is one of the most distinguishing technologies offered by PeopleSoft. Denali Group associates have the skills to develop and customize this powerful tool to add more robust functionality to your applications.

  • Definition of Transaction Approval Paths
  • Establishment of Roles
  • Development of Optional Routings
  • Application of Workflow Agents
  • Development of Electronic Form Authorizations
The Denali Group has the ability to put PeopleSoft's new technologies to work in your company.


Web Technology

The Denali Group can develop Web connectivity to your PeopleSoft Applications. Web deployment is a growing necessity in today's business. Many PeopleSoft customers are opting for more web applications both internally and externally. Denali Group associates offer the right resources for the "100% Pure Internet" technology offered by PeopleSoft.

  • Creation of Web Transactional Applications (e.g. ePurchasing, eBenefits, eProfile, eRecruit, Self Service)
  • Java and Server Page technologies
  • HTML and XML
  • Development of Applets
  • Application of delivered PeopleSoft eProducts


External Interfaces

The Denali Group will work with your technical group to develop the external interfaces to your PeopleSoft Applications. Nearly all PeopleSoft customers must deal with some external interfaces to the PeopleSoft Database, whether these interfaces are from legacy systems, electronic forms, or EDI. Denali Group associates have the expertise to develop, test, and deploy these interfaces. There are a variety of tools available to handle interfaces and selecting the right tools is often as crucial as developing the interface.

  • PeopleSoft Portal
  • Business Interlinks
  • SQR
  • XML
  • PeopleSoft EDI Manager
  • PeopleSoft Import Manager
  • PeopleSoft Application Messaging (Publish & Subscribe)
The Denali Group can put its skills and experience to work and handle all of your interface needs.


Change Control

The Denali Group will work with the customer's technical group to handle Change Control for your PeopleSoft applications. Denali Group associates are armed with the experience to effectively execute and track all changes to your PeopleSoft system. Such changes can include application modifications, PeopleSoft fixes, and Product Updates/Upgrades. Which ever the case, it is crucial that tight control be maintained over the changes that are made to each of the PeopleSoft database instances and their associated files (SQRs, COBOLs, Reports, etc). Denali Group associates can accomplish this by utilizing PeopleSoft furnished tools, third party tools, and by following proven methodologies which The Denali Group has refined.

  • PeopleSoft Change Control
  • PeopleSoft Database Stamping
  • PeopleSoft Application Upgrader
  • PeopleSoft Compare Reports and Utilities
  • Source Safe and PVCS Archive Utility
  • DataMover
The Denali Group respects the need for the customers Information Systems department to "buy in" to the change control methodology. In addition, The Denali Group believes that Change Control is a topic where knowledge transfer is crucial and therefore encourages customer staff involvement.



The Denali Group will work with the customer's Financial Reporting departments to design and develop reporting solutions. The Denali Group has great competence working with PeopleSoft's reporting tools. Developing reports is not all that is involved in creating a total reporting plan for a company. The Denali Group recognizes that production schedules, report distribution, and report usability are all factors in developing a comprehensive reporting solution.

  • nVision
  • EssBase
  • Crystal
  • SQR
  • PowerPlay
The Denali Group will develop, test, and deploy reporting solutions which fill the customer's needs.


Installations and Upgrades

The Denali Group will leverage its extensive experience with Installations and Upgrades to aid your Technical group in installing or upgrading your PeopleSoft applications. The Denali Group boasts associates with Level 1 and Level 2 certification for PeopleSoft Installations and Upgrades. Installations are intricate procedures with numerous variables. It is not only important that the software be installed quickly and accurately, but also that your Technical team comprehends the process and its components. The skills gained by your staff during this process will help them develop a better understanding of the system and will improve their ability to troubleshoot problems and apply fixes and patches. A skilled Denali professional will facilitate the successful installation of your PeopleSoft applications and will ensure that your Technical staff understands the process.

Like installations, upgrades are complicated procedures with different but equally challenging elements. In addition to the sheer volume of programs and objects being replaced, there are many technical issues that must be resolved. As with an implementation, there is an Application side and a PeopleTools/Technical side to an upgrade. On the application side, a PeopleSoft customer must negotiate the compare reports, convert data, preserve their modifications and test the upgraded applications. At the same time, unique skills are required on the technical architecture side for such tasks as configuration of client workstations, application servers and database servers, as well as system and stress testing. The Denali Group can be your solution for Installations and Upgrades.

  • PeopleSoft Tools Upgrades and Fixes
  • Upgrade Assistant
  • PeopleSoft Installation, Configuration, and Tuning of Tuxedo Application Server
  • PeopleSoft Product Updates and Major Version Upgrades
  • PeopleSoft Installation of Financials/Distribution and Human Resources Application Databases



The Denali Group will work with the project team to develop and execute a comprehensive testing plan. While different implementation methodologies will use different terms to describe the testing stages, every reputable plan calls for similar testing stages. The most common are noted below. It is important with PeopleSoft applications that a customer test its configuration as strenuously as it tests its modifications.

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Use Acceptance Testing
  • System Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Stress Testing
While the advances in ERP applications are impressive, the reality of the industry is that software is hurried to market. Software manufacturers rely on "fixes" to polish software functionality and performance. It is crucial that an implementation allow time to develop and execute a thorough testing plan. A well planned and executed test will mitigate many of the risks associated with deploying new software.


De-Bugging, Fix Application & Problem Solving

The Denali Group will combine its expertise and impeccable problem solving skills to troubleshoot, de-bug, and support PeopleSoft Financials, Distribution and Human Resources applications. There is an art to de-bugging software, and PeopleSoft applications are no exception. De-Bugging and problem solving involves knowing where to look, how the software manufacturer works resolutions and how to apply manufacturer or customized fixes. The Denali Group associates excel at identifying and resolving problems with all aspects of the PeopleSoft Applications.

  • Peoplecode Debugger
  • Program and Online Traces
  • PeopleSoft Problem Resolution Process
  • PeopleSoft Customer Connection
  • PeopleSoft Fulcrum Knowledge Base
  • PeopleSoft Patch and Fix Application
  • PeopleSoft Product Update/Upgrade Application
During the Integration and User Acceptance Testing phases of an implementation, a project's ability to diagnose and resolve software problems is as important as the testing itself. The Denali Group can provide this support function and work with customer staff to further knowledge transfer.



The Denali Group will contribute to user and implementation team training. Denali Group associates have taught classes for both PeopleSoft and the "Big 5" Consulting Firms where the target audiences included PeopleSoft Users, Partners, and Consultants. Denali Group associates have taught a variety of PeopleSoft Technology and Application courses.

At this time, The Denali Group does not author or develop sophisticated training materials, but is well positioned to function as trainers. The Denali Group can take any developed training materials, either from PeopleSoft or a third party vendor, and teach your PeopleSoft class. The Denali Group can add real-life experience to your curriculum.



The Denali Group will work with your Information Systems staff to establish and maintain your PeopleSoft Security. PeopleSoft provides several different levels and types of security which can be utilized as the customer requires. Security can be administered by Database Object, Panel Access, TableSetID, and table Row Level. The Denali Group associates understand the impact, capabilities, and application of each of these security options.

The Denali Group will work to help the customer analyze what security is truly required or desired. The Denali Group can work with the customer's staff to design and execute a security plan, while providing knowledge transfer. It is important the customer gain a sound competency in this area as it requires constant maintenance.

  • Operator Security
  • Object Security
  • Row Level Security


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The Denali Group was founded to fill what we consider to be a gap in the consulting marketplace. The driving principle on which The Denali Group was founded, is to consistently provide the highest quality consultants, whose only motivation is the customer's success.